Creating Music Videos Is Hard Work

Last week I had an awesome opportunity to help out on a set of a music video being filmed by Broken Bridge Entertainment. The music video was being filmed for a group called "Los D'Mentez" for their upcoming song, "Fin De Semana". The music video was based in San Francisco and included locations such as Twin Peaks and Pier 39.

Friday morning, I woke up at 4am to get ready for the long weekend and pack. I left my house around 5:30 and made a quick stop by my office to drop off some paper work, and then headed to Martinez to pick up Jay, one of the other film crew members). After I picked up Jay we headed down to Dublin (Where Johnny, the director, stores all of his equipment) to help load all of the equipment up. After we loaded all of the equipment up, we headed off to San Francisco. 

Our first stop in San Francisco was to pick up some rental equipment that Johnny didn't have. After that we headed to the house Los D'Mentez had rented for the night to film in. We got to the location and left the van with Johnny's dad, who was helping out on set, and headed off to get food and some random pieces we had forgot. When we got back to the first location, we scooped out the house and ate. after we finished eating, the band showed up, and Ryan (the other film crew member) and we started setting up the equipment. This included moving furniture, setting up dolly rails, and setting up and positioning the lights. 

Once we were set up, we filmed a good chunk of the music video. We started filming in the living room, and after that scene was done we moved to finish setting up the downstairs. once we finished the down stairs scene, we moved to the other bedroom downstairs. We filmed some awesome shots in these rooms. One of the scenes here was actually my favorite, and it wasn't in the original plan. Los D'Mentez wanted to use this extra bedroom, and Johnny thought up an awesome scene on the spot. Once we got these scenes finished, we headed back upstairs to film another scene in the 3rd bedroom. We filmed our last inside the house shot in the kitchen. We filmed another awesome dolly shot. After the kitchen shot we took a short break to relax and snack a little bit, since it was well into the nigh and I personally had been awake for 16+ hours. After that we headed to the backyard to film the hot tub scene. That was our final scene of the day, and it ended around midnight. We headed up stairs and ate some awesome Chinese food, before deciding to hit the sack. A few of us decided to go sit in the hot tub for a little while, since the weather was actually really nice for 1am in San Francisco. We talked for a little while, and I decided I wanted to go to sleep. I finally fell asleep around 2am. 

Saturday morning we started waking up around 7-8am. The film crew went upstairs after we got ready and had a quick breakfast and then went to set up the silk for the backyard (the big white square in one of the photos). We filmed the last of the scenes at the house with the amazing view of the SF skyline and Bay Bridge in the background. After that, we packed up all of the equipment and cleaned up the house. We then headed off to Twin Peaks to get some more footage, and I took a few pictures to use for promotion. We got some awesome footage, and even attracted quite a crowd. After we got some shots there we packed up and headed off to Pier 39. We all met up and headed over to get an awesome shot with sailboats and Alcatraz in the background. We got super lucky and even had a boat come practically up to us while the camera was filming! We then hit a smaller pier off to the side and did this awesome walking shot in one take! We then headed back to Dublin to drop off most of the equipment and take another break. We reviewed footage and ate dinner before heading to Concord to film the night club scene. We all met up outside of the club and headed in to the VIP section where we started filming. We filmed a few minutes there and headed to the dance floor. We filmed an awesome dance floor scene there while the DJ played their song and the club was loving it! It's a real upbeat and extremely catchy song! We finished up our second long day of shooting and I headed home. I got back to my house just after midnight and fell asleep almost instantly. It was a busy two days but the final product is going to be awesome! Be on the lookout for the music video, the plan for now is to release it on March 1st!