I Love Senior Portraits

One of the favorite parts of my job is photographing Seniors. Seniors are always so full of life, ideas, and creativity. It's right at a point in their life where they're becoming adults, thinking for themselves, and really turning into the person they're going to be! It makes capturing portraits awesome! 

Yesterday I took my sister out to do some senior portraits of her and to get some new photos up on the wall (her's are several years old). I was super excited, as I've gotten new equipment recently and haven't had a actual portrait session in several months. Sure, I've done portrait type pictures at sporting events, parties, day trips to the city, the set of a music video that I was a crew member on, but not a actual portrait session. I take studio style portraits at my day job everyday, and it was awesome to be able to get out of the studio to get back to what I really love doing. 

Normally I wouldn't do a portrait session with all this rain that California has been getting, but since it was my sister it was really easy to just stay ready. The original location I wanted to take her to was flooded (to be fair it is in the wetlands) so we went to another favorite spot of mine. This spot just so happened to be the local baseball field complex (yes, these were at a baseball field). One of the reasons I love this location is because of how many different looks are in a 50 foot radius. You have tall grass on one side of the foot bridge, a small grove of trees on another side, and these awesome rocks on the third! Although the bathrooms on the 4th side are hard to beat!

Luckily we got a few hours where it wasn't raining, and we were able to get some awesome pictures! All in all, we spent around two hours playing around with different looks, different lighting techniques, and allowing myself to get comfortable with my new equipment. I'm extremely happy with the results! I sent off some photos to the lab today to be printed and I can't wait to see them when they get here in a few days.

Senior Season is right around the corner. I have a limited schedule, so make sure you reserve a date as soon as possible! I can't wait to hear from you soon so we can create some amazing photographs that you, your parents, your family, and your friends will cherish for centuries to come!