The First Bay Area Sunrise Of The Year

The first sunrise of 2016 over San Francisco.

Here I am sitting at the bottom of the cliff that we climbed down after the trail ended. Photo by Alex Broom

Here's Alex perched on the cliff we climbed down. 

Here's Alex and Joe heading down the trail we explored. 

I was invited by Alex to join him and another friend to go photograph the Golden Gate Bridge way early in the morning on New Years. I'm always eager to explore places I've never been before, and I've never actually been on a trip to just focus on the bridge. So I took him up on his offer.

I ended up staying up all nigh on New Year's Eve and headed over to meet Alex at his house bright and early in the morning. We then went to go pick up Joe and head out. We got to the Headlands around 6:25am (about an hour before sunrise) and proceeded to explore a few of the spots. We finally settled up the road and perched out in the cold for a half an hour waiting for the sun to come up. It finally did, and we got our pictures and wondered farther down the road.

We found a spot along the road that Alex saw a good angle and we pulled over for it. There was a trail off to the side, so we parked and followed it. It took us down to find an awesome view of the city and the bridge. We even went a little farther and explored down a cliff like wall, out to this pile of rocks at sea level. We crawled around those rocks, took some much needed portraits of each other, and headed back up the path.

We drove along the road and decided we wanted to head into San Francisco. We found one more Golden Gate Bridge vantage point along the way, and then crossed over the bridge. We drove around SF for a little bit, and then found a spot to park in Chinatown. We got out and walked quite a bit, eventually ending up in a little cafe to use the restroom and grab something to eat and drink. We walked back to the car and proceeded to drive around San Francisco for a little longer before realizing we had a flat tire. We pulled into a gas station and fixed the flat, and headed home. I'm not quite sure how long it took to get home, as I fell asleep in Oakland and didn't wake up until we were in Antioch. 

While I had gotten a half an hour or so of sleep in 24 hours, frozen my butt off in the cold, and even had a good chunk of my photos turn out to be unusable, I still had an awesome time. One of my goals this year is to do a lot more traveling, whether I'm with friends or not. I tend to chose my bed and Netflix over driving out somewhere and exploring with my camera. This was definitely a great way to start the year. I hope everyone had a good New Years, and gets a great start on their new goals! I know I did! 

Here's a older gentleman reading his newspaper in Portsmouth Square.

Here's Alex at the end of the trail.