How Long Are Your Memories Going To Last?

If your computer's hard drive crashed right now, how many years of memories would be lost? What about if your cell phone was stolen, dropped in the toilet, or slipped out of your hand to hit the ground and shatter into millions of pieces? So many of us (me included, sadly) don't print enough images. If all of my hard drives failed, I'd lose all but maybe 10 pictures. If I dropped my phone, I'd lose the past year of my life. Sure, there's cloud backups and social media, but sometimes cloud companies shut down (they won't be there forever) and have you ever seen something printed from Facebook? Sometime's it's not recognizable!

One of my favorite things to do is pulling boxes of old photographs out of the closet and spending a day going through them. All of the vacations, the birthday parties, holidays... They bring back so many memories! I usually snag a few and stick them in my room, and switch them out occasionally. My sisters don't all have that joy. we just don't print them like we use to. Plus, an actual photograph feels amazing in your hand. It's so great to see it hanging on a wall. Personally, as an artist, I love seeing my work printed. there's just something special about having a 40x60 canvas hanging on your wall, or seeing a child's face light up and say, "Hey! That's me!" Plus, how many people now a days look at "albums" of their past relatives on Facebook? It's not unheard of, my family has albums of them, but still have the original albums, framed pictures that are decades old, and even paintings. Physical objects that have been treasured for generations and still will be.

Go and print out your memories! Get some professional family pictures done! Order that archival quality print and canvas from your photographer that will last many lifetimes! You won't regret it! I promise! 

Here's two of my favorite photographs printed on high quality lab archival paper. They'll be around for generations so my future family can enjoy my work! 

Here's a few prints that I printed of my sister. They're photographs from her senior session. 

Here's a framed photograph from my graduation present (a trip to Zion National Park with my Grandparents) printed on archival paper.