Little Things Make Big Things Happen

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.
— John Wooden

One of the thing's I notice as I get older, is how everyone gets way to focused on the big picture. They're so focused on acing that big exam, that they forget to get that good night of rest, or a decent meal, all because they're focused on the studying and passing that exam. They're so focused on the finished sky scraper, that they forget to pay attention to the screws that hold it together. So many people, including myself, are guilty of this horrible habit. We're told we shouldn't focus on the little things and go for the big picture, which is great and all, but we can't forget about the little things. It only takes 1 failure for the whole building to crumble... Even if everything else was made to perfection. This week I want you to look at what little things you tend to look over, whether it's your dietary habits, that hour you waste doing something that really doesn't matter, thanking the people around you who go out of their way for you, even though they don't have to and you never acknowledge them, anything really. Take a good look at it, and do something to change it.