5 Reasons Why YOU NEED A Professional Headshot

In Business, Nothing Is More Important Than Making A Good First Impression.

Nowadays, headshots aren't just for Corporate America. With Social Media and the Internet at everyone's fingertips, it's important to present yourself in a Professional matter in all walks of life.

While the saying, "Never judge a book by it's cover," is nice in theory, it's not really plausible in the real world. In reality, we're all perceived, or judged, by the way we look and present ourselves. Especially when it comes to business; job interviews, networking events, sale calls, etc, we only have a split second to make a good impression.

This is why it's VITAL to always appear professional, both online and in-person. While most people understand the importance of appearing professional in-person, many don't think about that online, where most contacts first see you now a days!

Instead of using a selfie stick to take your next headshot, consider using a professional photographer instead. Here's 5 reasons why!

1. Looking The Part

In order to be treated like a professional, you need to look like a professional.

2. Value Yourself

You need to show that you take yourself and your career seriously. There's very few things more appealing to a client or business professional than that. 

3. Stand Out From The Crowd

Many adults still rely on low-quality point and shoot camera shots (or worse, cell phones!) they asked their co-worker/friend/family member to take even though professional headshots are important to have a winning career. You'll leave a special impact on potential clients, employers, recruiters, voters, and other important contacts by having a visually-pleasing, high quality photograph.

4. Make A Standing Impression

By having a professional photograph on your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc), you allow people to connect an important name to a professional image. 

5. This Is Your Only Shot (Pun Intended)

In this ultra fast paced world that we live in, a good headshot is often your only opportunity to make a good impression, as important contacts tend to skim the first few lines of your resume/website and glance at your picture before moving on. Make sure you're remembered. Don't waste that opportunity.