What is The Beauty Of Antioch Project? #000

A Street turning into 2nd Street facing North. Image taken on December 18th, 2016 at 5:48pm by Michael Pohl. 


Welcome to the Beauty of Antioch Project. Antioch is a suburban town in the East Bay Area. Antioch, like any town, definitely has its problems. Sadly, because of these problems, most people put a huge stigma on Antioch and all the beautiful locations and views it offers. I've been told by residents they didn't even know Antioch touched the water! We have a whole business district on the water. Antioch is also home to multiple regional parks, monuments, historical buildings and places, and some amazing scenery. This project is going to focus on everything beautiful in Antioch. Views, landmarks, plants, buildings, etc. Along with sharing these photographs, I'll also be sharing some of the history and the story behind the subject. I'm excited to shine some good light on Antioch. I hope you'll join me for the journey!

Here's a little bit about me. I’m Michael Pohl and the creator of the Beauty of Antioch Project. I'm a 20-year-old from this city. I was born at Sutter Hospital and attended Jack London Elementary School, Black Diamond Middle School, and Antioch High School. Growing up I participated in Boy Scouts, the high school yearbook, track, and cross country. I spent a lot of time running and biking all over Antioch. I currently own a business on Second Street in the Rivertown Business District, am a member of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce, and am in the Antioch Rotary Club. I am a professional portrait photographer, and have been practicing the art of photography since I was in elementary school.