The Hawaiian Chieftain At The Antioch Marina #004

The Hawaiin Chieftain Docked at the Antioch Marina behind the Humphry's building, facing north-west. Image taken on October 2nd, 2016 at 7:22pm by Michael Pohl. 

The Antioch Marina is located in downtown Antioch, at the end of L street. This specific dock is located behind the old Humphry's building, and is often used to dock larger education boats for tours and excursions. 

The Hawaiian Chieftain is a steel tall ship built on the island of Maui, in Hawaii, in 1988. The ship, designed by naval architect Raymond H. Richards, was built for Cargo trade among the Hawaiian Islands, and weighs right around 80 tons (gross, 64 net). The ship is 103' 9" long, 22' wide, and has a 75' mast. It's powered by 2 235hp diesel Volvo engines, and can travel 2,000 miles at a cruising speed of 7 knots. Mr. Richards pulled inspiration from early colonial passenger and coastal packet boats that traded among Atlantic coastal cities and towns. The design was known to sail incredibly well, as well as having a shallow draft (this particular ships is 5'6") allowing the ship to enter smaller ports with shallow waters. The ship launched on June 12, 1988. The Hawaiian Chieftain then sailed to Tahiti, various ports in the South Pacific, and San Francisco. The ship was later purchased by Captain Ian MacIntyre, of Sausalito based Central Coast Charters. In 1993, the Hawaiian Chieftain was joined by The Lady Washington for a mock sea battle in the San Francisco Bay. In 2004, The Hawaiian Chieftain was sold to Woverine Motorworks of Fall Rivers, and was renamed "Spirit of Larinda". In 2005, Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority purchased the ship and renamed it back to the Hawaiian Chieftain.

The Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain now do education cruises and tours along the west coast all year. The pair usually visit Antioch together in the early fall, and the Hawaiian Chieftain usually makes a solo visit in the late fall.